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GOO - Fractal abstraction
AMG (2000)

Switzerland isn't usually considered one of the world's centers of experimental hip-hop and turntable artistry. But give Goo (aka Le Gooster) some time, and maybe it will be.
Fractal Abstraction is certainly at least as impressive as anything being produced by better-known artists from areas more generally associated with those genres.

Opening with the hilarious samples ("This is a turntable/do not confuse it with a sewing machine") and expert turntable work of "Synchrovision," the program proceeds through dancehall-inflected trip-hop ("Offishall Chamberlain," big beat-inflected trip-hop "B.B.M.Q."), a bit of straight-up abstract groove with French movie samples ("L'Interrociteur"),
and even some modified dub reggae (Minded).

There are some very fine singers on this album, none are credited (unless they're all Goo, which seems unlikely), as well as more bone-deep grooves and mind-expanding textures than you can shake a stick at. Very impressive, and highly recommended.

Rick Anderson

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