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URB magazine L.A. preview
Goo aka le Gooster - Zig Zag Zen

About a third of the way into ZIG ZAG ZEN, the first fill-lenght from Swiss dj GOO aka LE GOOSTER a slowed down sample of "we shall overcome" pops us,and it sort ot catch you off guard.
It's one off those (too) rare moments whendjs point comes clearly across and catapults you into that warm,fuzzy realm where the is perfectly funky,the heavy, happy bass gets you movin' and vocals-in this case a tweaked chant of "freedom" along side MLK snippets - get you open.
Geneva-based LE GOOSTER declares his other set of roots on "In effect" with an out horn loop (via Pete Rock and C,L's T.R.O.Y) and a bouncy,Public Enemy - style bleep.
From there,he gets dubby "La contagion du fascisme" "Evidemment" jazzy " Elements",
"Le funkster"and freaky "How many dj's".

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