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Cheo Jeffery Allen Solder

Poet, writer, playwright, screen writer, performance artist (poetry and music), musician and producer. Cheo Jeffery Allen Solder is originally from Los Angeles, California and currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland. His Album produced by Mr Goo: “Mind, Heart, Spirit: History” will be released on Syncrovision Records soon.

Statement about myself : (taken from a boston blog interview)

i don't really know what to say about it (my work) besides it is my way of passing on the torch of love and knowledge.  hear "lay me down" and "at home and abroad" to know, hear it all to really know.  beyond that, i am just another brother from the 'hood doing the best i can to make sure that i add something of value to the tribe's continued well being.

i hope it won't turn you against me but i am not from boston, originally. i was born in los angeles (and am a die hard laker's fan...  ahem..., not that i watch it now or really care now but deep down somewhere the little boy still lives...) but my father was born in boston so maybe that entitles a brother to half a credit?  i did live there for five years and it was there that i decided to go forward as an artist at last. before i moved there, i had not played a note or written a creative word in more than twenty years.  it was the action of moving back to the states (i had been living in holland and before that germany for a few years) that allowed me to see just how much trouble our communities are in at present and forced me to search my soul to see what i could do to help...

i slowly started playing again and had to start with figuring out how to put the damned things together and which end to blow out of but, as you know, the only way to carnegie hall is practice, practice, practice and so that is what i did. at this point, the cd is the tip of my iceburg.  i have two books coming out soon too and will also go into the studio to record additional music to add to the current cd and release in record stores, instead of just the online version now available.  i also have two theatre pieces that are in various stages of making their way to the stage.

so, though i may not be from boston, it was there i found the courage to do what i was born to do: to ring the bell of awakening to a people too long asleep and in danger of going out without ever knowing that they go, as happens when one passes away in one's sleep... if they buy it, i am happy but if they hear it, just hear it then i have done my job and i am most gratified by that first and foremost.


L'dia Men-Na'a Muhammad:

This is so inspirational.  I could listen to this throughout the day
and feel a sense of peace as I am reminded of our stories past,
present and future.  This is also great for the youth to listen to as
they lay resting at night.  My son will hear this at his bedtime and
upon awakening. A musical lesson to reflect and build on for eternity.
Thanks Bro. Cheo for the mastery of your poetic and musical gifts.

Mpingo Marilyn Griffin:

OMG! I love what I've heard. Spiritually beautiful. Inspiring. Deep. Profound. I listened to "Lay Me Down," "Roll Call," and as I write this, I'm listening to "Can we fly now?" I am so glad that you are sharing your artistry with the world. It has truly inspired me. Your music is beautiful, as well as your poetry.

Che Johnson wrote:

"The Art of Storytelling!!!"

Dafina wrote:

"Griot, Cheo, teach, preach, reach, beautifully achieved! Thank you!

Dafina wrote:

"Ah, just what my spirit, mind, soul needed!  Your words/music are designed for upliftment! An album of unmistakeable treasures. Listening is reward enough..."
Reggie Holmes :
Subject: Sho nuf!
Damn my brotha!  you done laid it down for real, lawd hamercy!

Venela wrote:

"been playing the album for can i NOT?  it IS a BLESSING EVERY EAR THAT HEARS....and THE MUSE IS WOIKIN you dig and be dug in return? and the kalimba is SMOKING. KEEP IT UP! GOOD MEDICINE IS MUCH IN NEED THESE DAYS."

Mark Steven Greenfield:

My longtime friend Cheo Jeffrey Allen Solder has come out with his much anticipated CD. With waves of music and prose it is the masterpiece we've been waiting for. Check it out

Christian Bruce:

Awesome CD...Please listen and care to share!!!! You will be pleased!

Deborah Lawson Burns:

What a Blessing to hear!

Kemet Alkebulan:

True Words That Should Ring Throughout Our Homes.  …Our Music In A spiritual Sense
Mwalim Daphunkeeprofessor Peters:
Take a moment to listen to this!!! BUUUMPING!!! Support the work of a Boston ex-patriot and REAL musician!!!

Basil wrote:

"Thank you for your creativity Cheo and daring to do things differently!  Very relaxing, yet engaging to listen to."

Pierre Hazan:

It's superb. What a voice !

Joyce Renee Lewis:

The lion roars and whispers. . .words, peace, and soul. Congrats on your new album, Cheo. Blessings. . .

Linda Merrill :
Subject: Cheo Jeffery Allen Solder: Mind, Heart, Spirit: His Story, by Synchrovision records

Dearest FB Friends, I hardly have words to explain how incredible, beautiful, truthful, perceptive, amazing, this album is by my Boston, now Geneva friend, Cheo--a friend I've come to know all the better, ironically, since he and I both left Beantown and write on FB more. I wanted to listen closely and really hear what Cheo was saying and playing. So Saturday evening that's what I did. Except that I fell in love with each poem/song so much that I listened to each at least several times. It was a very late, but soulful and sad/happy Saturday evening for me. I hope you will listen and feel the same. Honesty is nearly impossible to come by these days, I believe; Cheo's beautiful voice on Mind, Heart, Spirit: History, is intensely honest and loving. Try just one poem and see if you can stop without listening to the entire album....Thank you deeply, Cheo, Love, peace, prayers to all, Linda

Baba Olutunde Olufemi:

Brotha Cheo, I am enjoying your sounds....beautifully composed and spiritually uplifting, thanks for sharing

Sloan Ward:

Whoa....gonna plug in my super duper laptop speakers for this....I want it to resound all over my apartment......THIS IS THE BEST LINK I HAVE GOTTEN IN A LOOOOOOOOOONG TIME...THANKS AGAIN MY GREAT FB FRIEND!


just wanted to tell you that i like to hear your music at the evening, it reminds me when i was a little child, and my mom used to talk to me before i sleep, about a lot of things, about god and love, and dreams! Best regards, my friend.


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